ipdadjI’m always trying to find inspiration and motivation in a world of mass dj culture and technology overload. Hell, I myself am apart of that world. I’m a IT guy who is a DJ for crying out loud. Yet, as I grow older, I tend to feel a little more nostalgic regarding the art of djing and it’s history. Now before all my dj comrades read this and bust my balls because I no longer buy vinyl, let me say that buying the wall of records I have in my studio and the countless other purchases, trades, warped and or destroyed wax over the years added with the 2 decades plus I’ve been doing this have earned me the right to be nostalgic without being a vinyl purist hipster in a world of CDJs and controllers.

That being said, if you know me, I’ve had my share of resistance for technology and I’m now a much more tolerant dj when it comes to controllers and iphone/ipad apps that come out daily from which you can dj. I still think however that the time spent to learn the craft and art of djing is worth doing. You learn from experience. There is no software or controller that can earn it for you. The journey must be made and when you reach a moment, and trust me you will, where the technology fails you, what will you have to fall back on? It’s these moments that separate the bedroom djs from the veterans. Here are some links that I find just as inspirational as they are educational.






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