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MAN! I’m lovin’ this site and this particular article is another good one that needs to be shared. It’s a long one but worth the read. If you are passionate about what you do as a dj then take a few and dig in.

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You have to ruthlessly love your craft, and respect it. It’s about creating momentum. It’s about commitment. It’s about putting your heart into it. Waiting for a “big break” is for the weak. How about falling in love with the journey instead of the destination?

What are YOU doing to ensure that you’re doing your craft justice?


to Dj – the eternal struggle

ipdadjI’m always trying to find inspiration and motivation in a world of mass dj culture and technology overload. Hell, I myself am apart of that world. I’m a IT guy who is a DJ for crying out loud. Yet, as I grow older, I tend to feel a little more nostalgic regarding the art of djing and it’s history. Now before all my dj comrades read this and bust my balls because I no longer buy vinyl, let me say that buying the wall of records I have in my studio and the countless other purchases, trades, warped and or destroyed wax over the years added with the 2 decades plus I’ve been doing this have earned me the right to be nostalgic without being a vinyl purist hipster in a world of CDJs and controllers.

That being said, if you know me, I’ve had my share of resistance for technology and I’m now a much more tolerant dj when it comes to controllers and iphone/ipad apps that come out daily from which you can dj. I still think however that the time spent to learn the craft and art of djing is worth doing. You learn from experience. There is no software or controller that can earn it for you. The journey must be made and when you reach a moment, and trust me you will, where the technology fails you, what will you have to fall back on? It’s these moments that separate the bedroom djs from the veterans. Here are some links that I find just as inspirational as they are educational.

The holidaze are here.

mooseEvery year seems to go by faster than the last. This year is no exception. It even feels like Xmas is about to come and go without a drop of holiday cheer. All I see lately are adverts for this or that, buy this, this and more of this and while you are at it, give a hoot too! I say “slow down.” Let’s take some time and smell the ginger bread for Santa sake. …and what’s with this 50 degree crap. Can a guy get a white Christmas for once in a millennium? The best holiday memories are the ones where the family is snuggled (no snuggie needed) up in front of a fire with some ugly sweaters, stop motion Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and some loaded eggnog. Come on people, we can do this. A little snow, some blinky lights and maybe a few “pine” scented candles and this might just feel like a holiday.

*maybe if I put up my Christmas tree it would help, You think?

Turkey Day

The food fest holiday approachith! I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day. Try not to over indulge and enjoy yourself. When the holiday is over, it’s time to get back to techno time. Get that family time in now because once we get the poultry out of the way, it’s get down time! Guaranteed!

Saturday… GoodTimes.

1441328_766523203363700_77185810_nHad a great time Saturday with my best bud and dj partner Brian Analog. Most of the gang was there to celebrate with us and we had a blast. There were a few that didn’t make it but hopefully they were there in spirit. We def had a good time. Some more so than others, *cough *cough but what can you expect, we throw down so there were going to be casualties expected. Thanks again to all of our supporters of the 3 and half year run we had with it. Let me answer the question most asked on Saturday: This is the LAST “Our House” ever. If Brian and I decide to start something official again, it will be something else, somewhere else. As I like to say, Move forward!


Hope you all have enjoyed OUR HOUSE – after much debate, we have decided to bring our seminal house music event at Mollie’s to an end on our last date in November. Brian and I want to take a break and regroup. This will end the OUR HOUSE series and it’s over 3 1/2 year run (first event poster – click to see) but rest assured, not the end of the FIST & LOG duo. Come dance with us one last time as we make the LAST CALL for OUR HOUSE.




Halloween GetDown – CREEPSHOW



the new poster for our Monthly residence

You already know the biz. Brian and myself rock the house with the newest trax and the hottest house jams all night long. We’ll be doing it proper as the doors open at 5 for after work cocktails. Hell.. come straight from work, you know you’ll need a drink.Lee Taylor in the lounge from 9-11 and the djs take it to the next level from 11 til close. As always, NO COVER – 21 and up.
Mollie Fontaine Lounge – 679 Adams

I’ll Swallow Your Soul

Holy Hell… EVILDEAD is out and you must see it. I’m thinking about a second run myself. Other than the “white eyes” missing, this remake is…to die for. DO IT!


Hello. Again.

It has been a while since I’ve updated the site. Life happens, ya know? Well I need to get back in to the swing of things and start updating this bad boy. IT’s almost xmas time so there is lots going on for the holidaze! OUR HOUSE will return on Jan 19th(also feb 16th and mar. 16th). Seems that I will not be doing NYE at Mollie’s this year and I opted for a more lax, friends oriented hangout at the Casa De Silver loft for the new year. Locals playing will be the usual suspects and it should be easy going. The 80′s even that was supposed to be this month was going to be hosted on nye but they ended up doing a private rental so we got bumped, if you will. That’s all fine and dandy though. Too much wrapped up in the how to’s and why not’s to really enjoy it all.

Easy is what is needed this year. who cares really, we are all going to die on Friday anyways. I wonder how many people are going to quit their jobs, tell their bosses to fuck off or just walk out. Maybe some people will sell their shit, close up their homes or just walk out leaving the house unlocked and door wide open thinking the rapture is finally here (if you believe in such things) I feel pretty confident that Friday will be just as drab as the rest of the week except it begins the 14 day holiday for me! W00t.