..and now we return you to your regular scheduled program, ish. It’s March 21′ and im another year older, another wiser, or so the saying goes. Wiser about what? How to wear a mask? How to avoid people? How to keep my hands away from my face more so than normal? How to ration hand sanitizer? Where to buy TP in bulk? How to find the cheapest backyard adult kiddie pool? The list goes on and on. It’s march 21′ and i’m first shot down on the Pfizer vaccine. I wasn’t even sure it would come. I dare say things are looking up. The orangutang is out of office and grandpa Joe is manning the fort (not the grandpa I wanted but he’ll do in a pinch) with the first ever female african-american VP. It’s a wonderful thing. Seems things are looking up. (*i’m knocking on a piece of mahogany, as I type) I will be scheduling my second shot soon and then, after a week or two, I’ll be able to visit a friend and hang out with a couple, masks off and even a hug or two. I just hope I don’t burst into tears or start laughing hysterically. Might seem a bit weird. I wonder when Mike and I will have the discussion on booking a gig again for EXILE. We’ve been doing the Quarantined show on EXILEDJS.com for the last year and it will seem strange to say the least. Im eager and hopeful that we get to return to that soon, very soon.

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