Protests to bring justice on the police officer and accomplices who murdered George Floyd

Well, the Safer at Home executive order has been lifted, giving flight to the city/county/state cuckoos. They have flown the coup to return to whatever sort of normalcy there is, and this is why our numbers day-to-day have doubled. The governor of TN , Bill Lee, lost his balls and decided to open way too early. Nothing has changed and the confirmed cases number still goes up. I definitely feel safer at home and don’t plan to join the crazies out in public.

Now lets add on rising racial tensions mixed with cops who think they are above the law, killing black men while on video. This isn’t the first time either. Now because peaceful protest incite fear and hate from police, so much so, law enforcement instigate aggressive behavior, turning protests to riots. Sanity has left this place, and I find that the ones who are of the right mind are now the minority. Black, White, whatever color. I can only attempt to empathize with fellow black humans. On a daily basis, I am becoming aware of other white acquaintances and their hidden bigotry, xenophobia and racism. I call them that because I can no longer call them friends. I speak of this to my wife all the time. It’s about core values, the things that govern your decisions in life, the things that direct you in your views and the things that justify your actions and how you treat the world and others around you. It breaks my heart. I’m no angel either. I’m still coming to grips with my own privilege and how I can use it help those who don’t have it. I have miles to go.

The officer who murdered George Floyd: Derek Chauvin

In recent light of the murder of George Floyd, You think you know someone… I find it hard to understand others who don’t hold love for their fellow man, the intrinsic value of life, above all else… it’s a core value I can’t over look. Especially those in a position of power to protect others. I hurts me to know, as I recently looked up that courts have repeatedly proven that police have no obligation to protect you unless you are in custody. WTF? Then where did the motto “to serve and protect” come from? Why even suggest that were the case? Law enforcement code of ethics states:

As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve the community; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality, and justice.

I know no black person wants to hear my admiration or cares if I feel for them, but I do. I feel love and compassion for anyone that has to endure the cruelty and subjugation of those they give their trust to for protection. To be held to the ground, and suffocated by the knee of a police officer, the one who you revere as your protector, is the ultimate terrorist attack on one’s trust. I’m losing my faith in humanity, and I really don’t know what to do, so I want to express my upmost admiration and respect to those who endure and stand up to continuous hate and oppression, especially from white men in position of power.

I have trouble finding the words to how I feel about living in a time when I would have to say “Black Lives Matter.” All lives do matter and that’s exactly why Black Lives Matter. I read a shared post from a friend about what white people need to do to help in response. Also, a recent speech from Killer Mike to the Atlanta community shared the same suggestion. If you can’t protest, help those who can or support the efforts already started that support the black community.

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