It’s hard out there for a techno pimp especially in Memphis. There are the tried and true tech fans but mostly blues, folk and dirty south rap rule these lands. Memphis is a magical place full of history and culture just not for techno. They say techno is not understood by most and even less pursue it yet its pseudo-forms can be heard here late night at a dark warehouse or impromptu house party when djs of different paths dip into at the outer reaches of it’s sound. That’s all great and fine… exposure is key and such… Yet, its the heart of techno that is rarely heard, experienced or even acknowledged. For me… it takes a trip to Hart Plaza in May, a flight to Belgium or the seldom party playing fellow techno brethren to really get that feeling. By many, it is often not recognized for what it is nor given it’s due. It’s a feeling, its a sound but more than that, its fuel for a flame that burns deep inside. If you get lucky enough to feel the fever, it can change your life.

Being a dj who plays techno in a city that is fickle at best, only embracing techno for the occasional cheap late night thrill then tossing it to the side like old tattered rags, can make for a lonely trip down my personal music lane. It can wear down the soul.But as most true techno djs do, we press on. I raise my glass to all those techno guys out there – fighting the good fight. It’s in our nature and the music we play, the fusion of technology and soul, its what carries us through and keeps us doing what we do, playing what we play. So, it’s this point that brings me to the current post. Here is my latest mix. A journey into the mind, heart and soul of a techno dj as I take you down the road less traveled.

Enjoy and if you like, please share.

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