Snuff 7-18-SAT

9279_10153383690643648_6905787366071827624_n[2]These crazy folks who like Techno have asked me to join them in a crazy evening of beats and beer. The cool kids are doing it so I might as well, right?

the stuff no one wants to see
but everyone wants to here
BACKROOM vibes with fake 
friends and real music.
   Adam Arthur(666)
The DJs
   Will Azada & Justin Hand
$5 for the Funktion 1 - be ready to dance or just stand there


This fun festivity will be at the HI-TONE off Cleveland in Midtown Memphis from 9-3am

Get Mixed!

Oakheart-Shot-Drink_390x703[1]Is it Thursday again already? BBQfest has my schedule all messed up. Here we are for another edition of Blender @ Mollie Fontaine Lounge with yours truly. The sultry sounds you have come to expect. I’ve got a crap load of tunes prepared for this evening and trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

What am I talking about? These are downtempo and chillout tracks….  who cares they rock anyways! I’m ready for a shot, who is with me?

BBQfest or fist?

11167858_10153258999805758_1605275074169701228_nMan, BBQfest in Memphis is probably one of the more grueling tests of my endurance for the over welling smell of burnt pork, drunk idiots and loud music.  Despite efforts to derail me for work related training a second year around, I was able to join up with the Usual Saucepects for a great year and 10th in the RIBS division. Top 10 is a pretty big deal! Big props to all my team mates and our Pitmaster Troy Black! It was one hell of a week! Thanks to everyone that came by and hung out with us. Can’t wait til’ next year! #UsualSaucepects

What are you doing this Thursday?

blender_postcard_front2015 rolled around pretty quick. I have to say that looking back to 2014, the word “BLUR” comes to mind. The last of my 30’s are coming to an end and with that, I say “screw you sir!” I still have plenty of life left in me as well as music to share. Speaking of which, here is the new flyer for my Thursday night weekly at Mollie Fontaine Lounge. Chillout is my choice of music for the ramp-up to the weekend… “FistPump Friday” ,”Slammin’ Saturday” on to “Sultry Sunday”.

The weekend always seem to be full tilt. Why go from 0 to 100, celebrating the end of “humpday” like you just finished 1st in an Ironman Triathlon? Oh I agree, by Thursday, the feeling to smack the shit out of a co-worker and telling the man to shove it is coming on pretty strong. So why not join me at the bar on Thursday and allow me to propose another way about this…

I say take a moment and think about all the debauchery you might be planning and the amount of havoc it will reek on your liver. Before you second guess yourself and your weekend full of bad decisions, pause to appreciate the life long stories you are about to create, tilt back, down that shot “Drew” placed in front of you then say to yourself, “I’m not even going to remember most of it, so F it, let’s get mixed!”

3M Thursdays – Mollie’s + theMachine + Me

Blender @ Molle Fontaines on ThursdaysThursdays are becoming a thing amongst my midtown crew. Chillout is more popular than I expected between me and my cohorts and the environment is perfect. You’ll hear selections from Bonobo, Mount Kimbie, Air, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Zero 7, CFCF, Tycho and more like it. Lounge at it’s best!

If you get a chance and need a little social activity but want to avoid the urban meat market, rooftop parties and frat edm fist pump… then you now know the biz. BLENDER every Thursday – the anti-social social! Mollie’s – theMachine and Me.

If you would like a little taste, here is BLENDED Vol.1 – selections from Thursday night (Blended, not mixed!). Enjoy!

Is it LIFELIKE or is it Memorex?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an 80’s nut. I have been djing an 80’s night since I was 19ish in some form or fashion. I’ve always been mesmerized by the synth and a lot of mixes over the years have had some form of 80’s mix or “80’s inspired” composition. I recently rediscovered an artist who I passed over years back. I have a man crush on the music of this French house producer named LIFELIKE aka Laurent Heinrich. He has worked with Kris Menace, A-Trak and even Chromeo, just to name a few but I’m more in to his underground remixes and original works.

I’m so into this guys sound right now that I can’t seem to grab up enough music like it. It seems a lot of people are doing something similar like retro wave, future disco, or synth pop but a few of his tracks hit like wave of excitement coming over you. It’s the perfect blend between upbeat pop, hypnotic arpeggiated rhythm and the right mix of synth with a house/techno beat. Music like this is what reminds me of how I felt as a teen in the 80’s and how the sound of the synth inspired me… it’s that good. Here is a little taste of one I like, placed to a mash of video snippets from an 80’s movie fav – MAD MAX. Enjoy!

HEATWAVE by LifeLike

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