Lee's FirepitIt’s been a couple of months since I made a post as you can probably tell. Took a break for a bit but now I’m back. Got a nice snow over the holidays plus a number of other happenings. Just past my 43rd and that was, well, uneventful. I did get the final ok to roll to Movement this year. It’s kind of strange though, I really want to go but the line up isn’t mind blowing so it’s more to see old friends and hang than really to “party” as it were. My roomie Doug is definitely along my speed so I’m sure we’ll both call it early each night by the rave standard but that’s ok. Shelley is really being great about supporting me to go on this trip again but I wish it didn’t cost as much because I’d really like to spend that towards the family coastal trip we are hoping to take soon. We need one too.

Music making has been slow going. Taking some courses on music theory via J.Allen(Slam Academy) on Udemy (*which I highly recommend). Lots of good stuff there I’m ready to put to action. Also trying to dive in to some of the plug ins I’ve obtained through NI. Reaktor alone is enough to keep you busy for a full year trying to pull back the layers not to mention the crap ton of others that came in the KOMPLETE 11 drive I picked up. I’m almost a little overwhelmed. I might just take one plug in at a time and make several tracks with each one as the focus (*that’s a really good idea – I should right that down). Probably the last good thing to mention during this stint of retreat is that I finally got to hang with my buddy Lee at his “Techno Fire Pit”. After the kids are down, we get together in his backyard to listen to the latest findings of techno goodness in front of his large fire pit with a couple of drinks. If the weather is right, there isn’t a lot more that I would rather do.

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