new80s90spartyIt’s been a while since i’ve posted. Since half the year is about over so why not drop a line to let you all know about an upcoming 80’s vs. 90’s event Mike and I will be doing on Saturday June 18th. It’s at Mollie Fontaine Lounge, our usual spot for this event. Retro new wave and pop from the most decadent time I can think of… seriously. We will also be in the RED ROOM for maximized floor space and dancing room – also important to note: Mollie’s is now a smoke -free establishment for those who prefer not to smell like moldy street trash at the end of the night. We will make sure to bring the heat this time around (*as we always do 😛 ) so be sure to arrive early get your space squared away and prepare to dance. It’s going to be totally gnarly – like for sure.


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